Let the BOS open your seed boxes for you!

The remote control BOS is a wireless box opening system that makes opening seed boxes a breeze! Just attach the BOS to the seed box and push a button! In addition to the ease of use, the BOS allows you to open seed boxes from a distance (over 50')…keeping you safe on the ground and away from potentially harmful dust! The light weight remote control BOS is battery operated. When comparing the BOS to a conveyor, the BOS is less costly, more versatile, and more mobile. Also, it requires much less storage space and is much easier on seed as the seed flows from the box to the tender; no excess handling.


The BOS consists of a wireless remote control, 2 batteries and a battery charger. With the optional wireless camera, emptying boxes, filling seed tenders or planters can easily be a one-man job!

*U.S. Patent Applied For